Pita kitchen is an extraordinary health experience unlike any you have ever tasted! Boosted with vitamins and minerals and always served in a fun and uplifting environment.

From sauces to meats, all meals are freshly made from scratch every day. Enjoy our competitive prices, excellent customer service, and traditional Mediterranean food that can't be replicated by any other restaurant. Loose yourself in the flavorful mix of colorful veggies, exotic meats, and creamy sauces of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Whatever your taste buds fantasize, we are here to give you choices you can feel good about!.

Pita Kitchen

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A place where families can enjoy a menu full of variety and have fun.

What Customers Say

  • Excellent chicken schwarma in a pita. It's kosher and healthy and worth it.

    Harvey W.
  • They make the best laffa sandwiches ever. So damn good. 10$ for a sandwich that's like 3 pounds sometimes.

    RAAD S.
  • Best. Falafels. Ever. And what kind of magic dust is in their pita??? I have never had a pita that was so fluffy... like a cloud... but perfectly chewy... SOOOO good.

    Gening L.